Benefits of Summer College Visits

Posted by Neal Schwartz on June 22, 2017

YOu have heard the negatives of summer college visits, what are the positives?



I gained a new perspective on college visits from a recent article by Nancy Griesemer of Admission Intel . For many years, I had only preached the negatives of summer college visits, that families should avoid college visits during the summer due to the lack of students and activities on campus. But, I now see the other side; the positives of seeing a school during the summer:

  • More quality time with admissions representatives and professors
  • Less crowded tours
  • Greater chance that both parents will be available to make the trip
  • Ability to assess the school's location and the off-campus environment
  • Less stressful and less distractions
  • No high school academic schedule to deal with, less overlap with athletic and extracurricular schedules


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With school out and the beach beckoning, you might be wondering how to interest your Rising Junior or Senior in anything but a towel and a bathing suit. As a parent with three college graduates, I can tell you that it doesn’t take long to wish they were back in school. Whether it is vacations, summer jobs, sports teams or hanging out at the pool, we are all on different schedules during the summer. But, there should still be time to plan some college work. Nancy Griesemer outlines a long list of productive things that a rising Junior or Senior can do over the summer.

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