4 Things to Consider for Decision Day (May 1st)

Posted by Neal Schwartz on April 14, 2023



4 Things to Consider for College Decision Day - May 1st B

When a student survives the college process with several admitted college options, most would admit that this is a good problem to have. But what originally looked like a no-brainer decision can get cloudy quickly as Decision Day approaches.

Too often, there is a rush to make the decision. Keeping a level head will help sort things out and bring more confidence to the choice of the school to enroll at.

Here are some tips that can help:

1) Consider new data about each school that was learned since application submission.
    - This new knowledge could come from visiting the school, attending an online tour, or talking to an existing student or alum.

2) Consider change in the student’s thoughts about majors and college in general
    - Due to a course, job, internship, or research, the student may now be less attracted to one academic path and maybe more curious about another.

3) Consider the net cost of each college.
   - Look beyond the college “sticker price” if applying for financial aid and/or interested in what scholarships or merit money might be possible.

4) Follow a simple process of “pros” and “cons” for each college.
   - Although this may have been done prior to the original submission, the factors above may result in a different outcome.
   - It is relatively easy to find what is attractive about a school. But all schools have flaws and spending some time to think about them prior to making the decision will help balance things out.  
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Keep the original goal in mind—to find the college that will give the student the opportunity to blossom and grow the most in a welcoming environment. Looking ahead to graduation, will this be the best place possible for this student to spend the next 4 years?

If you need help getting ready for the upcoming or a future Decision Day, please reach out to us.

We can help support you through this anxious and critical time with our academic tutoring, test prep, college selection, total application support and college decision making expertise. Give us a call today.   914-273-2353

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