How students can build resilience in an unpredictable future

Posted by Neal Schwartz on April 28, 2022

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It can be said without a doubt that it’s a very difficult time to be a student. This generation of students is faced with so many unpredictable factors, that it puts even more strain and stress on them than most of them can handle. The pandemic has made them more isolated, less social, and perhaps more fearful.

In addition, this year’s college admission statistics have brought a new level of uncertainty to current high school seniors making final decisions. But this unprecedented college landscape also extends to younger high school students, as they look at admit rates as low as the single digits. 

For many students, at a critical age where they were supposed to develop independence, they were stuck at home living with their parents and denied the opportunity to be on their own and struggle to make friends and find their way. And this made a lot of them more dependent on their parents than they might have otherwise been.

It’s important for students to be their own advocates and communicate with their parents about this experience, enforcing the importance of their independence. This is not always easy, with the comforts of home difficult to pass up. But students that are too coddled will find difficulty adapting to the real world.

Students also need to hold themselves accountable for the amount of screen time they have. In general, today’s students spend a lot more time on social media and a lot less time doing activities with others. And after a whole day of doing work online, using social media as a way to cool down doesn’t exactly have the relaxing effect that many think it does. The brain and the body need a break.

It’s certain that this might be the most difficult time that students have had to face. It is incredibly stressful seeing one’s world turned upside down, especially at an age where individuality and independence is absolutely critical. So it’s important to give students time to heal from this, but to also recognize that they can be resilient if they realize the importance of making up for lost time.

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