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Posted by Neal Schwartz on March 30, 2020

remote tutoring picture editedEducation is one of the first sectors of our society to pivot to remote strategies. Depending on your school, whether that is high school or college, professors and teachers have been thrown into a new reality of online education. For some less technologically-savvy teachers who are forced to get creative and learn new online teaching techniques, it is likely to be a very tough transition. But if it is already tough for the teachers, how are their students expected to fare?

At the present time, we are captivated by an unprecedented and dystopic virus, but at some point, we expect to return to some version of normal. Education is not going away, but how we approach it in the future is likely to change at an accelerating rate—just like the virus.

So, what does this mean for students? They are already experiencing less frequent interaction with their teachers, their classmates and their peers. With delays and extended vacations, there is a very good chance that students will either rush through material or at the very least miss out on some topics that will have been cut from the curriculum.

Online learning efforts will need to adjust to identify those who are struggling with material and those who are adapting efficiently. Up until this point, traditional classrooms in America have not had to deal with this difficulty, but as they pivot to online learning, they will need to develop methods to determine who is “getting it” and who “isn’t” without having them raise their hand electronically in a webinar or Google Classroom. Eventually things will change, and new methods and systems will be put in place that will resemble, but not imitate in-classroom opportunities.  

Despite these new challenges in the classroom setting, let’s not forget that a great amount of learning still occurs outside of the classroom such as asking classmates for help or talking to the teacher before or after class. Re-running a webinar recording for a lesson that wasn’t understood the first and second times is not necessarily going to work the third.

What we learned: The one-on-one approach thrives in an online environment.

Test Prep and Tutoring: College Planning of Westchester’s approach using one-on-one learning transitions easily into an online learning environment. Both tutor and student can focus on the same images at the same time. We can quickly bring in electronic tools, highlight text and charts, show through drawing online (that can even be more legible than some sketchy handwriting) and use other online resources without flipping through pages in a book. Sure, we have been using some of these same tools in side-by-side private sessions, but when we switched to online tutoring recently in a full pivot mode, we found out a few things:

  • Parents love the continuity of learning during an uncertain time.
  • Students like the ability to work from home and are more engaged.
  • Tutors found that they really were connecting with students even better than in person—students displayed better focus and endurance.

College Counseling: We have been using Zoom meetings for quite a while now, whether that be with a student in Europe, Florida, New Jersey, Scarsdale or Armonk.

One-on-one tutoring and college counseling are a gift and it appears that in many cases the remote learning environment only enhances the relationship and results.

So, keep us in mind. 😊 We are here for you now and in the future.


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