Three Things to Contemplate about the College Process

Posted by Neal Schwartz on January 25, 2019

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3 Things to contemplate about the college process as you hibernate this winter:

  1. The Shift from Pre-Professional Paths to Computer Science
  2. Popularity of Early Decision Continues to Grow
  3. The Changing Landscape of Colleges Below the Top Tier Schools

The shift from pre-professional paths to computer science has erupted over the last five years.  I meet with many parents in the medical profession who are questioning that path for their own kids due to malpractice insurance, managed care, reduced earnings, and greater overhead, among other issues.  Similarly, there has been a glut of lawyers, with less earning potential than in years past.  So, these same bright students, who would previously have gone into these professions or finance, are now exploring other high-salary, high-status jobs. The computer science area has grown tremendously, and there is a great demand for these skills.  I worked for a computer company for over a quarter century, so I am very familiar with the vision and promise for the future in this field.  The future is clearly here. Artificial intelligence and cloud computing are two key growth areas as the computer science landscape morphs into most every business sector and way of life. This article from The New York Times talks about the shift to computer science and the current deficit of supply for those willing to take the brass ring. 

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Popularity of Early Decision Continues to Grow

For the most part, Early Decision (and Early Action) is growing by 10 to 25 percent at many schools.  The more colleges that accept a higher percentage of their classes from Early Decision, the lower their acceptance rate and the higher their yield.  These last two metrics are huge for colleges and continue to demonstrate their selectivity and brand names. View article from Inside Higher Ed
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The Changing Landscape of Colleges Below the
Top Tier Schools

Northwestern class of 2016 photo

Although this recent article from The New York Times makes a distinction to rural schools, the trend is clearly that the heyday of many colleges in boom mode is no longer universal.  Basically, some colleges are struggling financially, some have closed, and others have been seeking partners.  The most recent Northeast school to seek a new partner is Hampshire College.  Of course, the top schools are having the opposite problem. Over the last decade, top schools seem to be trying to convince students to not apply because of their lower acceptance rates.  So, depending on what tier school you are viewing, what financial controls they have placed operationally and the size of their endowment, you can find completely different views of the health of their school from a fiscal perspective. 

To Do: Suggestions for the Winter:

HS Juniors –
SAT-ACT Prep, Actual SAT-ACT Testing and College Activities Plan

HS Sophs –
College Activities Plan, schedule SAT-ACT Prep for the summer


Whether it is your first time or the 3rd time through the college process, avoiding some key mistakes can help increase the chances that you stay sane and that your son/daughter get their best college fit. 

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