Fighting the Student Mental Health Crisis that the Pandemic is Leaving Behind

Posted by Neal Schwartz on May 13, 2021

For many Americans, the spring of 2021 has been the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. With the easing of restrictions, more widespread vaccinations and a seeming return to “normal,” many are finding relief in seeing their friends and families again and returning to their favorite activities. However, statistics and stories alike show that students are still falling by the wayside.

The mental health crisis is real; that was true before the pandemic, and it’s especially true now. While it’s rare that anyone found the year of isolation an easy time, this time has been especially trying on students, as we know. Students adapting to the coldness of distance learning, the harshness of restricted dorm life and activity and event cancellations have been forced to cope with a life of solitude.

Numerous studies and surveys suggest that the pandemic has had a devastating impact on student mental health.

The transition from high school to college is a major milestone for students. For the majority, this means leaving the nest, living on their own for the first time, being confronted with a new environment and new peers. This is the time for students to “come out of their shells” and figure out who they are by forming opinions and being exposed to a wide variety of perspectives. But COVID-19 has changed all of that.

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