Will a Summer Program help me get into college?

Posted by Neal Schwartz on March 15, 2022

As we approach spring, it's a wise idea to start thinking ahead to the summer. After all the uncertainty of the past two years, students and parents are ready for an escape. That's why many students opt for summer programs at universities or outside organizations to spend a few weeks away, take a class and be immersed in campus life. Many choose this option because they think it will give them an advantage on their college applications.

While many of these programs promise academic enrichment and a competitive environment, it is important to consider that the cost of such a program might not correspond to its "admission value." One determining factor is whether the program is run by a college or by an outside organization. Although some outside organizations may have fine programs, it is smart to try and assess that. No matter what, there is nearly universal agreement that these programs are only valuable if the student sees and learns something they will take with them, but rarely will it mean a leg up to get into that college from an admissions perspective.

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Is college an expense or an investment?

Posted by Neal Schwartz on February 28, 2022

As we near a post-COVID world, many of us have experienced a change in priorities. Financial and emotional strains have exhausted us as we're trying to get back to normal. When it comes to college, many families are taking a new perspective, either encouraging students to take gap years or choose state schools that are closer to home.

At a time when college costs seem to be skyrocketing, there are some that question its value post-pandemic. But instead of a reactionary view, it's useful to look at the question with a level head. College remains not just an expense, but an investment that gives back in many ways. It is quite possible for a student without a financially viable major and career path to earn more than their college costs long term.

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Why High School Students Should Embrace Change Now

Posted by Neal Schwartz on July 01, 2021

Summer is here, but the impacts of the pandemic are here to stay

Most high school students start planning for college very early on, and even as early as their first year of high school. However, the pandemic has clearly gotten in the way for many. With tests cancelled or postponed, budgets reduced, and fear of being far from home on the rise, students are being forced to be flexible and adapt their college plans. Here are several ways that students are changing their college plans and how we can teach them that flexibility will help them to achieve in spite of the circumstances.

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