Changing the College Plan: Has Competitive college admissions peaked?

Posted by Neal Schwartz on April 20, 2020


As we deal with the current shutdown of the majority of our society due to the virus, what's next when it comes to the college process?  Many things are changing radically, but it would be premature to say that a college degree will become worthless; college is still the brass ring for most Americans. So what can you do during this time? I suggest that students and parents think out of the box.  Sure, short-term, it is pretty chaotic right now, with information changing rapidly. But, keeping a level head through this situation can help. For example, parents of Juniors could flip the "normal" college-prep sequence and start key aspects of the application process a couple of months early.  

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Avoid these 9 college process mistakes

Posted by Neal Schwartz on November 01, 2018

Whether it is your first time or the 3rd time through the college process, avoiding some key mistakes can help increase the chances that you stay sane and that your son/daughter get their best college fit.

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How to excel in a holistic college admissions process

Posted by Neal Schwartz on July 26, 2018


How to differentiate two students when they look so much alike

HOlistic college admissions and its relationship to "personality"

 You have heard the story about the valedictorian that didn’t get into some,  or even all, of their schools.  If "the best of the best" can’t make it, what about your daughter (or son) who is not the valedictorian?  “What do they want from these kids?, I wouldn’t get into my school if I applied today! This whole college admissions process stinks!” These are just a few rants that you might offer to whoever is within earshot.

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How To: Write the College Application Essay

Posted by Neal Schwartz on August 29, 2016


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What are colleges looking for when they ask about community Service?

Posted by Neal Schwartz on August 16, 2016

One of the most challenging roles of a college advisor is to help parents discern what is expected and accepted in the area of  “community service.”  Despite countless articles, college website information and discussions at college information sessions, we can sound as though we are stifling students' admissions chances by urging caution in this area.   It is refreshing to see an article like this from the New York Times that explains the essence of this issue.  There may well be a difference between the student who tirelessly devotes every summer to a third world community and one who participates in a program for a few days or weeks in search of a good essay topic.

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