Why being undecided isn't necessarily a bad thing

Posted by Neal Schwartz on October 26, 2021

In some ways, our culture measures success in one’s ability to be decisive. These people are those that have always known they’ve wanted to be teachers or doctors or politicians since they were kids. It’s easy to think that the people in this category have a clear advantage in life. They know what they want to do and they’re often very prepared to follow their path, and successful. However, this is not the reality for many students. Why? Because our culture has changed. Our times are increasingly uncertain, pressure and competition in college admissions is higher than ever, and the amount of choice can be overwhelming.

So it’s not only okay to be undecided; it’s completely natural. But it’s not an excuse for being lazy. Being undecided doesn’t necessarily mean being unfocused.

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New England Business Schools

Posted by Neal Schwartz on July 07, 2019

Three Business Schools – Babson, Bentley, and Bryant

I recently visited these three New England schools known for Business.  They each have some unique characteristics.  The key selling point is that these schools all deliver on the goal of preparing students for a job or career that matches the college investment. Many parents since the 2008 recession have looked toward more “practical” colleges for their children’s future.

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College term abroad has evolved

Posted by Neal Schwartz on June 14, 2019

Study abroad is more goal directed, shorter in duration, and less about just learning a language. 

When I was in college, I didn't take advantage of study abroad programs.  Today, most every top school makes study abroad an integral part of their college "pitch".  

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