Top Colleges Want Curious Students: Here's 6 Ideas to Spark Curiosity

Posted by Neal Schwartz on August 25, 2021

6 Ideas to spark curiosity


Applying for college is a very existential experience. It demands students to ask themselves the following questions: “How am I special?”; “How will I change the world?”; “What am I meant to do with my life?”. While the answers to these questions can be daunting for anyone, let alone a teenager, there is one common factor that all colleges seem to be looking for in prospective students: curiosity.

But for many students, curiosity is difficult to make concrete. Yes, you might be curious about outer space or curious about a certain upcoming film, but how can you translate this curiosity into something marketable for colleges? Or what happens if you’re just not curious? There are plenty of students that have yet to pinpoint that point of entry, and that’s totally okay. Here are some ways to identify and spark curiosity for students who are stuck.

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