The SAT is going digital--What does that mean?

Posted by Neal Schwartz on February 19, 2022

In the world of standardized testing, one test is getting a major update. The College Board recently announced that the SAT would be going entirely online in 2024. Following the trends spurred on by the pandemic, this shouldn't seem surprising. Especially since other tests have already been making the shift like the GRE, GMAT and TOEFL exam. But what are the implications for this new test?

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PSAT Scores are on their way!

Posted by Neal Schwartz on December 06, 2019


When to expect them and what to do once you get them

PSAT scores from the October tests will be released to students starting on December 9th, with dates varying by state. For those in Connecticut, PSAT scores will be available on December 9th; for New York and New Jersey, you will be able to access your scores on December 11th.

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