Why you still need a college advisor in a D.I.Y. world

Posted by Neal Schwartz on March 08, 2018

Thanks to shows like "Sweat Equity" and others on the DIY and HGTV networks, we have become accustomed to "Do it yourself." Sink Repair DIY This DIY movement encompasses financial stock picking, selling homes, fixing things at home, etc. So, why pay for something when you can get it done for less?

The more specialized and significant the area, the greater the risk of trying to do it yourself. When factoring in quality, time, and cost, some DIY attempts may not be too smart.

While saving money by fixing your own grill, shopping online for a wedding gift, or any other long list of quick and convenient solutions is noteworthy, getting help for some porton of the college process can be the difference between simply "getting in" and getting in with the right "fit."


Here are 4 reasons why having College advisors is a good investment: 


Reason #1 - The significant cost of college and impact on the student's future is substantial.

College Cost.jpg

College costs range between $100,000 and $300,000 per student. Multiply this by the number of children that you have and the cost is clearly substantial. For many families it may even exceed their home cost. Getting the best return on this investment for your kids' academic and career future is paramount. If your son or daughter transfers schools, takes longer than four years to graduate or is not employable when they graduate, then the cost can have a huge fiscal and emotional impact.


Reason #2 - parent's are blinded by the greatness of their children

Parents are too emotionally connected to their children and are often blinded by their love. They are too biased and may have an unrealistic view of how their child is perceived by someone else. Maybe they really will be the next American Idol, or maybe they just like to sing and are completely average. A college advisor will see a student for who they are and what they are truly worth in the marketplace of college admissions. A great college advisor will have an objective opinion and will be able to truly assess a student's strengths.College essay cartoon .jpg

Reason #3 - there is just too much information to keep track of

student stressing out about college

The amount of information that colleges provide is available online through many sources. How will you know what information really matters for your child? How will you analyze all of the data to make it worthwhile for their college process? What information matters in the admissions decision overall, and what matters to specific schools? Is the information that you hear from other parents accurate? Is it something that was once true, but is no longer true? Is it just hearsay? Who will guide you with a professional opinion?


reason #4 - you need to assimilate all of the information and make a thoughtful decision

While certain information can be helpful in addressing a single question, it is possible that being too microfocused on one important fact may lead to overlooking an equally important fact. For example, a student who may not have a chance at a school using regular decision may have a much better chance at the same school applying early decision. Conversely, a student who over-reaches their early decison choice may be wasting their ED choice.

 making a thoughtful decision

REASON #5 - your daughter's guidance counselor may not have the time 

Let's assume that your child's guidance counselor has the experience, but may not have the necessary time to spend with your child. Based on their workload beyond college counseling and the number of students they work with, guidance counselors usually will have a tough time meeting your family requests as you navigate the process.

 College interview

Reason #6 - A college advisor is objective and can see beyond the "Numbers" and "branding" to get the best fit for the student.


Will a parent feel comfortable letting a student go with their gut, or will they try to inflict their own wants and desires on the student's college selection and decision? Additionally, many parents and students are strongly influenced by "branding" of colleges and certain college majors. Although test scores and AP classes are important factors, students can increase their chances of admission by focusing on their college application essays and in communicating their potential contribution to the campus. A student who has been tested with successfully juggling a number of activities outside of school has demonstrated their ability to succeed in a challenging academic college environment. An advisor should have the student's best interest at heart and will know what colleges are looking for. 


Reason #7 - when a student works with an advisor, the student can begin to take ownership of their future as an adult 

Watching a student mature through the college process is enlightening. There is a much greater chance that a student will grow with an outside coach than by just working within their home environment and support system. The expertise that an college advisor can provide to a student is appreciated and can work wonders. 

Image of family and students


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