We have been helping students navigate through the SAT and ACT process since 2004. Through our personalized guidance and in-depth knowledge of each test, students from schools throughout Westchester County, nearby Connecticut, Putnam Counties and around the country have gained confidence and improved their test scores at College Planning of Westchester.

After the pandemic, test optional policies became nearly universal in college admissions. This resulted in an increase in the average submitted test scores as the majority of the scores sent in came from students with near perfect results. It is more important than ever to work with test prep professionals who thoroughly understand the intricacies of these tests. While we always try to pinpoint the appropriate test for each student, we can also prepare them to take both tests if they so choose.



The SAT test more closely resembles the ACT with more classroom-based questions in line with the common core. Although there is not a unique science section, there are now science elements throughout the test.  The optional essay was just dropped.  Our track record shows average increases on the SAT of between 120 and 250 points.


One of the ongoing challenges faced by ACT test takers is the ability to complete each section in the allotted time. The ACT has an optional essay format that is 40 minutes long.  Our track record shows average increases of 3-4 points on the ACT.


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New PSAT Results

The PSAT is given to HS Juniors and often to sophomores at both public and private schools. 

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Helpful links:

The College Board (SAT) 

The ACT 

Looking for information about your actual SAT or ACT test taken?  Then consider signing up for either the SAT or ACT appropriate services

SAT QAS and SAS (Question Answer and Student Answer Services)  

Question Answer Service includes a copy of the test you took and is typically available for the October, March, and May test dates.

ACT TIR (Test Information Release)  

Test Information Release is typically available for the April, June and December ACT test dates; 

SAT to ACT comparison (known as "concordance")